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Gorgeous Summer on her Year 12 School Formal day.

The Johnson’s invited me out to their Toowoomba property to celebrate their newest little addition, Penelope. Their furbaby, Stanley, was the most willing participant and I loved it.

From their engagement shoot to their wedding and now their newest, most proudest accomplishment. I felt so blessed to capture sweet little Poppy with her gorgeous mummy and dad, Gemma and Michael.

The Thies. We spent the afternoon running around a local park while ‘hunting for turkeys’, as their girls would put it. I’m so looking forward to their next shoot later this year.

toowoomba wedding family photographer farm

The Lowien’s at their family property. There’s something so special about client’s inviting you to their home. I’m feeling very blessed over this one.

indoor newborn photoshoot toowoomba brisbane

Krystie and Ben welcomed me to their home to photograph little Levi’s arrival. He was the sweetest little babe – oh, my heart!

in home newborn photoshoot toowoomba

There’s something super special about being welcomed into a families home a few short weeks after they’ve brought their little one into the world.   When I arrived I asked Jerome how he was feeling.  “Tired” he said.  I think all of us parents can relate to how exhausting those first few months can be.  I felt so blessed to sit with Amelene and Jerome for an hour, doting over their sweet Luna.